Has it really been a couple of weeks since I last posted? Ambruary was a sore disappointment with a lot of stress and rain but thankfully we had a brief return to winter last week with a glorious dump of snow.

Even though I usually dread March’s warmer temps and melting snow, it’s been a refreshing break from winter’s doldrums. So, if I can’t have an entire month of snow every day, I’ll take this.

We’re in the trenches of parenthood here and are dealing with some pretty tough trials that I hope and pray are temporary but we’re also bracing ourselves for the need for long-term solutions. Though I’d never want to get back to the sleepless, colicky, potty training years, they seem a lot easier for me than the onslaught of the teenager years. My heart hurts for what our middle school girls are up against in the world of cell phones and social media. And the thing is, Hadley doesn’t even have a cell phone or social media and yet she’s still caught up in the toxicity of girl drama.

Mind you, life hasn’t all been bad. I’m still in limbo with work projects and that’s been frustrating but I’ve had lots of ski and snowshoe days with friends. Bode played hooky with his buddy Porter to ski Park City this week, Hadley is wrapping up a fun season of volleyball, we went winter camping at Heber Valley Camp with Jamie’s family, Hadley is going on a YW overnight retreat this weekend, Bode, Jamie and I are skiing Alta on Saturday and Bode finished 2.5 months of cross-country skiing lessons. That boy has boasted almost 30 days of Nordic and downhill skiing. He’s an official convert to mountain living!

So, even though Ambruary was not one for the record books, here’s for hoping March is much kinder to us all.


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