Rock Creek Farms–Through the Years

You’d think with all the effort that goes into the pumpkin-growing season we’d have some reasonably-sized pumpkins to carve like most normal people.

We don’t.

And so we go to Rock Creek Farms in Broomfield, CO. This has been an annual fall tradition since Hadley was a baby. Things have changed just a wee bit over the years….




And for 2010, we invited several friends for a fun-filled day of bouncy castles, petting farm, straw maze and more.

Rock Creek Farms has also added wagon rides to their line-up but at $8 for adults and $5 for kids, we opted to save our money….

….to purchase a pumpkin bar, cookie and M&M caramel apple from their food stand.

Priorities, you know.

We also spent some time in the fields selecting the perfect pumpkins for carving. So impressive was the display of thousands of pumpkins that Bode, when he saw the sea of orange, proclaimed, “Oh. Ma. Gosh.”

Kid could totally be a valley girl.

We were thrilled with our selections until we walked into the door and the Lord of the Gourds freaked out. “PUMPKINS? YOU CALL THOSE PUMPKINS?”

He now has a new moniker: Pumpkin Snob.

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