Severe Flooding in Colorado

First, there was Calgary.

Now, Colorado.

Four straight days of rain have resulted in historic rainfall across the 150-mile expanse of our Front Range with flood waters wreaking havoc and thousands evacuated. Washed-out roads, bursting dams, ditches-turned-raging-rivers, washed out roads and bridges and mudslides are everywhere. We live on a hill so are currently safe but our small city is being hit; our rivers are flooded and a nearby reservoir was breached, resulting in notifications from our Water Treatment Center to conserve water. On the news this morning, they reported Boulder alone has received 5.3 billion gallons of rain so far, equal to about 10 feet of snow.

First the wildfires, then record-breaking heat for most of September and now this. Forecasters are calling this the flood of the century of “Biblical” proportions.

I don’t see Noah breaking out the arc anytime soon but one thing is for sure: Colorado needs a lesson in moderation.

Stay safe, everyone!

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