Sixth Grade Continuation

I’ve been crazy proud of Hadley’s progress this year and it couldn’t have been done without the love, patience, inspiration and tutelage of her teacher, Deb McLean, who ignited within her a passion to learn. And not just the desire to acquire knowledge but with the confidence to know that she can learn, that she is smart enough and capable. There were three levels of scholars that were awarded and Hadley walked away with the second-tier honors and mostly a report card with As and Bs (except for math but we’re finally at grade level so no complaints), which is pretty miraculous considering she was so far behind at the beginning of the year.

Hadley’s Sixth Grade Continuation was the perfect amount of celebration and recognition without behind over-the-top (yes, kindergarten graduations with the cap and gown, I’m talking about you). I posted about it on Facebook and Peter, one of my childhood friends, mentioned he remembered me at our Continuation, which I’d kinda forgotten about but how could I forget the one year I swept the awards and came away with the best all-around athlete and scholar in the school?

Yes, sixth grade was the highlight of my academic, sports and social life. Good thing I had coke-bottle glasses and frizz-bomb hair, otherwise it might have gone to my head.

Their Sixth Grade Continuation at Arvada West High School was a surprisingly lovely and fun evening.

The ceremony was going swell until Hadley’s teacher ended her speech with “We wish you all the best as you take on the adventures of middle school.”

This sounded suspiciously like a warning. Let the games begin.

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