So many updates, so little time

Our past week in numbers:

*2 Countries (Canada and U.S.)
*2 Provinces (British Columbia, Alberta)
*4 States (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho)
*31 hours in the car
*1,729 miles

So much could have gone wrong but didn’t. The kids and I not only survived the longest road-trip of our lives but I’m proud to say my intrepid travelers thrived.

I have many stories to share of tearing down the steepest zipline in the world at Utah Olympic Park, visiting dear friends in Boise, Sandpoint, ID’s glorious lakeside retreat and, of course, Calgary’s many charms including the world-famous Calgary Stampede tomorrow.

For now, I am happily tucked away in my childhood home in Calgary. The temperatures are what I live for in: mid-70s and mild. Denver’s 90+-degree summers are my personal hell because I cannot sleep in our bedroom’s inferno and my mop of hair serves as an electric blanket.

On high.

My parent’s place is an entirely different story. Their backyard is an oasis of shade trees and beautiful flowers. The kids and I are sacking out in their cool and dark basement. In fact, the kids were downright cold last night and I closed their door to keep the room completely black. I was woken up at 8 a.m. by a little voice next door:

“Mommy. Is it morning yet?”
“Yes, it’s time to get up!”
“It’s so dark in here we can’t find the door to get out of our bedroom!”

I may never leave.

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