Spring Break, Utah Style!

I am still digging myself out of the hole from my 10-day absence and have house guests arriving on Thursday.

This just means I’ll be 10 feet under for a while.

Spring Break in Utah was marvelous. We had the most glorious powder days skiing Park City Mountain Resort and were surrounded by friends and family.

One night, I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, The DoDo, with my dear friend Kristy. Another day, I took my kids to my Alma Mater BYU to hang out with my surrogate mother/former boss, Patty, and go for a stroll down memory lane. The kids indulged in ice cream from the Creamery and had Swedish fish and praline fudge from the bookstore’s candy counter. And not to be forgotten are the Twilight Zone’s glorious strawberry bagels.

It would appear my best college memories are about the food.

Another day, I played volleyball with one of my BFFs, Lori. We met on the first day of our freshman year on the Natural Science Field Expedition. For two months, we explored the Western United States, giggling about boys and backpacking the most epic destinations. She later married one of our best friends and they just bought a beautiful new home in Utah County.

Lest you think it’s la vie en rose, allow you to assure you it is anything but when you play volleyball with her competitive entourage. I should know. I used to be one of them and once upon a time was even honored in the Calgary Herald’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Note: this is all VERY past tense.

She invited me to join them one morning and I agreed, forgetting one minor fact: I have not played competitive volleyball in seven years.

These women play five days a week.

I will spare you the gory details. Just know that the level of soreness and knee pain was equal unto my memorable bobsled run.

I would have liked to have visited more friends but this trip was mostly about family. We played with Jamie’s sister and her beautiful twin girls who were born on my birthday.

Let’s pray there is still hope for them.

We had a family dinner with extended relatives one evening and the children also hung out with their Great Grandpa Smith.

My parents were in town for General Conference and for the first time in years, I spent Easter with them. Jamie’s mom graciously invited them over for dinner and the kiddos had a grand time bouncing from grandparent to grandparent.

Which basically means they were lavished with candy and presents.

Fortunately, I didn’t come out of it too badly myself.

Stay tuned for details of when Bode became a man at Park City Mountain Resort and be sure to share what you did for Easter!

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