Summer Doldrums and Fat Kitty Torture Techniques

One of the few positives to come out of my recovery period (I’m currently on Day 7) is my home-bound kids have been forced to come up with their own entertainment.

Why would that be a good thing? We’ve had such an active, amazing summer that the mere thought of school sent shockwaves through them. Now that the doldrums have set in, their return to school next week won’t be nearly as traumatic.

Waking up at 7 a.m. is another story.

Though I’m grateful I’m feeling better every day and now only have very minor, sporadic chest pain, my house arrest has confirmed to me I am not a homebody. Here are a few things we’ve been doing:

1) Hung with friends. My friend Tina came over on Monday with besties Nolan and Rowan. Gone are the days when they played dress-up and got nekkid but they still had a grand time slip ‘n sliding and burying Haddie in the sand. Clothed this time.

2) Ate. Many supportive friends have brought over treats. When in doubt with how to pander to the sickly, food is a good choice.

3) Showed Mommy new tricks in an effort to induce a real heart attack.

4) Weeded the kids’ overgrown pumpkin patch. That was Day 5. And the ultimate evidence I was bored out of my mind.

5) Witnessed a miracle Fat Kitty catch a mouse in the garden. Unsure of what to do with the little critter, he did the ultimate in animal torture: he sat on it.

(Hadley commemorated the occasion by drawing this picture of the mouse in his mouth).

4) Played soccer with Fat Kitty. Or rather, at him.

Me: “Bode, don’t kick the ball at poor Fat Kitty!”

Bode: “But Mommy, he’s the goal!”

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