Sweet Sabbath Day Solutions

It’s hot in Denver. Really hot. 95-degree weather is something I’d anticipate in July but not early-June.

Hence the reason why the kids and I will be spending most of next month in gloriously cooler Canada.

In this kind of weather, I make myself scarce. I wake up early to play outside and hunker down with my air-conditioner in the sweltering afternoon. Today is one of those days but it’s also Sunday. As a family rule and part of our faith, we try our darnedest to “keep the Sabbath day holy.” This is a matter of interpretation but for us, we try to spend time as a family. We avoid sporting events, uproarious activities and shopping and instead focus on bettering ourselves and those around us.

And napping. I luuuuuuv my Sunday nap.

We look forward to this “day off from our labors” and it truly is a wonderful time to rejuvenate and refocus our attentions on our family.

Unless it’s really hot and your husband turns on the sprinklers to water the lawn. Moments later, I heard Hadley bolt up the stairs. Now, let me preface this by saying what Haddie requested is in that gray area of Sabbath worship but I knew it would ultimately lead to other requests not in line with how we spend our day.

“Mommy, can we change into our swimsuits and race around in the sprinklers?”

“I don’t know, Hadley. Do you think that’s a very appropriate activity for the Sabbath?”

“I have an idea! We can sing church songs as we do it!”

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