Take note, guys

A few years ago, I jokingly dubbed February as Ambruary because Valentine’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday all fall within a week of each other. On Friday, Jamie and I will celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss. When I was driving home from skiing on Monday, I stopped by Chief Hosa Lodge, which is where we had our wedding reception. And, like that night 10 years ago, it was snowing. The whole day was perfect–from our ceremony in the Denver temple when it snowed for the first time in months (some would have been devastated; I was thrilled), to a luncheon at the Marriott, to our reception that evening at this lodge with white lights, roaring fires and a dreamy harp.

More on all of that later but when I came home from a busy day yesterday, Jamie had left some roses and a sweet note wishing me “Happy Ambruary” and a promise to cook us a delicious dinner that night.

The roses? Lovely. But making dinner counts as a hundred roses in my book.

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