Untraditional Thanksgiving Traditions and Bathroom Habit Relevations

I’ll admit it: Thanksgiving is starting to grow on me. Traditionally, it has been my least favorite holiday and the reason revolved around football (a sport I don’t like) and slaving all day in the kitchen for a meal I don’t really like, only to be rewarded with more football.

This year’s festivities were partially the same but a lot different. Our tradition has been to drag our butterball butts up the Turkey Trot trail at Mount Falcon Park since 2005My, how times have changed. Especially for the fact my kiddos can rock this really steep hike. As a side note, Bode is holding up his pant leg because early in the hike he started running, tripped and skinned his knee. He brushed himself off and appeared to be fine until I made a Rookie Mom error: I asked if he was bleeding. Sure enough, he had a nice scrape and he then dramatically limped the rest of the way. Until we reached the summit and he forgot he was supposed to be injured as he raced around.

The weather was gorgeous and in the 50s. Everyone ditched their outer layers and I stuffed them in my backpack. I noticed something hard in Jamie’s pocket so pulled it out. Glasses. And not just any glasses but 3D glasses. Because you’ll never know when you’ll need ‘em on a mountaintop.

My favorite activity with my favorite guy

And what would hiking be without a great game of hide ‘n go seek around precipitous ledges? Can you spot expert hider Jamie? He’s going pro next year.

Usually our hike is rushed because we race back to cook but this year, I’m not sure who came up with the brilliant plan to ditch the traditional meal and instead serve everyone’s favorite foods. Best of all, prep and clean-up were minimal and we took the informality one step further by grazing as we watched football.
Sorry, Mom. We’ll use all that fancy china next year.

We cuddled up to The Amazing Spider-man…

With Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris

…and wrapped Thanksgiving up with the kids’ first-ever game of charades. They loved it and I’m sure it will become a family staple. I’d show pictures of the antics but they are not blog-approved.

Suffice it to say in addition to great food and family, the mental image of Lisa acting out “toilet paper” will forever live on in our memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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