The big pumpkin season kick-off

Pumpkin season is upon us.

At least that’s what I think is happening with the Poltergeist-esque light seeping through Jamie’s grow room closet.

For the better part of winter, Jamie mopes around the house longingly gazing at his empty pumpkin patch. Around the beginning of April, he starts to come to life again, starting with the pumpkin grower’s spring kick-off event a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t ask what goes on there. I don’t need to know.

Now, there’s a lift in his step and a glow in his eyes.

Saturday–Pumpkin Man forwards me an email. A reporter from HGTV Gardening wants to interview him about growing giant pumpkins.

Because the dude needs a bigger platform to talk about them.

Sunday–He took a pocket full of pumpkin seeds to church and returned home with nothing.

I equated their distribution to blasphemy.

Monday–He gave his annual Family Home Evening lesson about “faith is like a pumpkin seed.” He and the kids planted their pumpkin (I had a meeting so missed the ceremony).

I later learned he had them assemble the mixture by digging into earthworm castings to get some quality poop to add to their pot.

Take that, City Kids.

Tuesday–He went to the Colorado Rockies game with his pumpkin buddies. Allegedly, baseball was watched but I don’t believe it.

Not when there are pumpkins to be discussed.

Today–Jamie will plant his pumpkins. Don’t ask me what genetics he is using. Don’t ask me what you should be putting in your soil to get started.

All these (and much more, I’m sure) will be at or on Facebook this season.

The Pumpkin Widow

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