The Canned Pumpkin Shortage & Recipes to Thrill Any Pumpkin Lover

With Halloween upon us, my family is in the throes of Everything Pumpkin. While my husband Jamie may be obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin, I am consumed with eating it. My pumpkin craving began when I was six months pregnant with my firstborn and, six years later, has not abated.

But a nearly year-long shortage of canned pumpkin has put a dark cloud over the pumpkin lovers of the world. However, it was recently announced the shortage is over and USA Today reported:

“That means an end to the hoarding, rationing and even pumpkin profiteering that have been going on since heavy rain ruined last year’s harvest and caused a shortfall.”

In my defense, I only have about 20 cans of pumpkin stashed in my basement. And no, I’m not kidding.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I watched Seinfeld for the first time in years. The episode “The Sponge” centered around how Elaine, in a fit of hysteria, bought up every contraceptive sponge she could find when she learned they were being discontinued. I chastised her wayward moral compass as she tried to determine which of her suitors was “sponge-worthy.”

Until the next day.

It was the height of the canned pumpkin shortage and I was throwing a pumpkin party. One of my requests was for guests to bring their favorite pumpkin treat. In a panic, my friend Kristen called and told me she had been to several area grocery stores and could not find canned pumpkin anywhere. But then came the clincher:

“Amber, do you have any canned pumpkin I can use?”

I have to admit I hesitated. And then even worse, the thought crossed my mind:

“Is she pumpkin-worthy?”

And yes, she was.

It may have had something to do with the pumpkin cobbler she brought to my party the next day.


Do you have any favorite pumpkin dishes? My favorites include:

Pumpkin won tons
Pumpkin fudge
Pumpkin gingerbread trifle
Pumpkin pie bars
Old-fashioned pumpkin pie
Pumpkin risotto,
Homemade pumpkin yogurt
Pumpkin fritters dessert
pumpkin gingerbread with caramel sauce
Pumpkin pie pancakes
Curried pumpkin soup

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