The Decade in Review

2000–We did not die as many predicted. Worked as an account executive at a PR agency in Salt Lake City and moonlighted as a travel writer. Paid $50 to spend the night at the new Salt Lake County jail’s “B&B.” Juggled two fun guys, making up for the dating drought that was my life the previous 2.5 decades.

2001–Landed dream job at Deseret Book Co. Oversaw events at the corporate office and 40 stores. Ate Lion House rolls every day (the best you’ve ever had), ran them off every night on some mountain trail. Worked as the travel editor at Sports Guide for the fourth year and wrote for Utah Outdoors. Traveled most weekends and loved every minute of it.

2002–Laid off when corporate cut one-third of the positions. Went into mourning, regrouped, made life changes and then played. Continued travel writing and branched into radio as a freelancer for Metro Networks. Attended multiple events at the 2002 Salt Lake City Games. Connected online with my future husband in July. Broke up with on-again, off-again boyfriend of five years. Met Internet Guy in September. Both men proposed the same week. Fell madly in love with Internet Guy.

2003–Moved to Denver. Married Internet Guy on February 15. Climbed 14ers (14,000-foot peaks), skied, backpacked Southern Utah, loved and laughed. Built a house, moved in with in-laws while it was being finished. Got pregnant. Got sick. Taught early-morning seminary. Got sick again.

2004–Still sick…and now big. Moved into new home April 15. Daughter Hadley born the next month. Beautiful, chubby, colicky and rarely slept. Thought life was over with motherhood. Joined hiking club for moms. Hit the trail a few times a week. Only time Hadley stopped crying. Loved introducing her to the outdoors.

2005–Hadley showing slight improvement. Still a tough, spirited, independent child. Lots of hikes, play dates, library story times and drop-in gymnastics. Started blog at MSN Spaces. Somehow documenting and connecting with online moms helped make sense of the madness. Husband had surgery to remove heart arrhythmia. Went on a cruise. Pregnant with baby No. 2. Had legitimate concerns could give birth to another tough baby. Prayed. A lot.

2006–Sick and big. Baby Bode born. Sweet and slept all the time. Amber rejoiced. Regular hikes and bike rides with both kids in the Chariot. Internet Guy promoted to director position at work. Life as a widow begins.

2007–Adjusted to life with two children. Went on another cruise. Pitched Mile High Mamas idea to both newspapers. Launched with The Denver Post in October. Husband’s pumpkin obsession begins. Started travel writing again. Family vacation to Mexico. Daughter began preschool. Finally saw the light at the end of the newborn tunnel.

2008–Husband loses job. Takes severance package and finished basement. Hired by company that had been actively recruiting him. Makes lots of money as their consultant. His pumpkin obsession continues. Spends every summer night at his parent’s pumpkin patch making out tending to his pumpkin. Final weight: 755 pounds.

2009–Hubby’s consulting gig dries up when main client declared bankruptcy. Starts Pixo Web Design and Strategy. Works hard. Grows pumpkin. Family goes on Tour de Colorado for summer vacation. Tornado wipes out pumpkin patch. Husband mourns. Wife rejoices. Throws Mile High Mamas events while working with various brands. Husband celebrate 10 years of being cancer-free. Daughter starts kindergarten, son in preschool, Mama solo again on the mountain trails. Added kitty Remy to the Crazy Clan. One of five semi-finalists in Microsoft’s Office Winter Games contest.

I started the 2000s alone and ended them surrounded by love. This past decade has been a roller-coaster ride of joys and sorrows. Outlook for 2010 is bright.

What were some of your high and lowlights of the last decade?

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