The End is Near for The Great Pumpkin

It’s a big weekend in the Johnson pumpkin patch. Friday, Jamie is having an Open House for his pumpkin (yes, you heard correctly). I am sure hoards and hoards of people will come to watch it…sit. And engage in stimulating conversation such as fertilizer…and bat juice.

Jamie says the Open House is just a ruse. What he is really trying to do is lure people to his parent’s backyard so they can help haul the beast out.


The big weigh-off is on Saturday. Conveniently, I have to work at a Baby Expo the whole weekend. It wasn’t planned. Really.

Featured is the picture Jamie included on his invitation for his Open House.

Didn’t receive an invite? It is because:

1) You live too far away

2) We don’t like you

3) I like you too much to submit you to an open house celebrating an inanimate object.

4) All of the above

So, here’s the big question: have you ever or would you ever attend an open house for a pumpkin?!

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