The (Fat Kitty) Party’s Over

That’s right, folks: Fat Kitty ate his own invitation. Evidently he was still bitter over his traumatic photography session.

Haddie’s Fat Kitty-themed birthday party went off without a hitch thanks to my right-hand woman, Tina. There were games like the cats (kids) balancing the mouse (hard-boiled eggs) with a few uncooked ones thrown in to keep it interesting.
And then there was the tour on the darkest, scariest part of the house: Fat Kitty’s kitty litter box.
I didn’t clean it for the entire week, just to add to the effect.

And mostly because I was just lazy. No worries, though. The children’s kitty litter scooping contest involved Tootsie Rolls instead of poop.

Next time they won’t be so lucky.
All in all, it was a fun, low-maintenance party.

But the biggest question of the day: did Fat Kitty make an appearance at his own party? Fleetingly.

He’s still recovering from the trauma.

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