The Good Ol’ Boys of Pumpkin Growing

Even though Jamie and I both work from home and do most of our pursuits together, we have very distinct divisions. He does not interfere with my blogging and I have never ever delved into

No, it’s not p*rn.

But it certainly sounds like it. is the online good ol’ boys club for pumpkin growers. On the forums, they discuss everything from “Vine Attack” to “How Much Mycco?” (and yes, these are actual discussion topics). Though it certainly ain’t my cup ‘o tea, I’m all for Jamie getting it out of his system bonding with his boys.

When Jamie and I first saw The Marriage Ref commercial on NBC with our faces on it (see it here), I had a couple of thoughts. My first was, “Wow, that was trippy!” and my second thought was, “I wonder what Jamie’s buddies are saying about all this?

And so I turned to I knew Jamie had posted something about the show and our air date. While most of the comments were supportive, two made me Laugh. Out. Loud.

My wife and I will be watching…this hits home in a big way. I grew two pumpkins last year and my wife called them Precious I and Precious II. It was my first year growing big pumpkins. I have two more plants in the ground right now and they are doing great. However this year I am trying hard to make life a little easier and less time consuming in the patch. Life is a balancing act.

A pumpkin dude who actually believes in balance? I didn’t think that existed. And, possibly my favorite posting:

What happens if they side with the wife? We’re doomed!

Say your prayers, Pumpkin Boys.

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