The Great Pumpkin Weigh-off!

Whew, finally a spare moment after a crazy week that entailed being interviewed by CBS 4 Denver, riding in the Wienermobile and being an honorary homeschool mom at hilarious science dude Steve Spangler’s Halloween event for (you guessed it) homeschool moms. Basically, I learned how to blow up things.


Last weekend was the weekend that wasn’t.

Friday would have been Jamie’s infamous pumpkin party: the time when we congregate and worship The Great Pumpkin before the ceremonial stem cutting, followed by the back-breaking process of hauling it out of the pumpkin patch.

I instead invited our dinner group over for a grilled pizza cook-off followed by New York Dolls on the big screen. It was a fun night but my beloved James was in mourning. He left early the next day to help his fellow Rocky Mountain Vegetable Growers unload their pumpkins at Jared Nursery’s big weigh-off.

And no, I did not ever think I would marry a man conjoined with such an organization.

I coached volleyball at the church and then later joined him with the kiddos. In years past, the pumpkins were the main draw but Jared’s beefed up the event to include jumpy castles (a.k.a. mosh pits for kids), a haunted house (that I had to endure eight times), and a hay maze (from which I’m still picking straw out of Haddie’s hair).

I was originally going to sell my famous pumpkin bread but opted out when Jamie’s pumpkin met its death. But I have plans for next year. Big plans. Plans that involve me buying this groovy wig(I’m saving my money now) and hawking my pumpkin wares.

Because I am not above exploiting The Great Pumpkin.

And no, I’m not kidding about the wig. I may even get a shirt made that says “Pumpkin Widow” to go with it.

The day turned out to be a lot of fun and a new state record was set: 1,282 pounds.

Jamie bought a new Sony Webbie and recorded his very first YouTube video with it. Be sure to stick around for the second half of the video. I promise the second song will make you laugh.

Note: Evidently YouTube does not like The Great Pumpkin. The first part of the video is black so try this link!

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