The most important responsibility of all

Many religious denominations have some kind of voluntary “tithe” they ask their members to pay. We are no different and liberally give 10% of our wages to the LDS Church. Every month, we fill out a little tithing slip, write a check and then give it to a member of the Bishopric.

Even though I have gleefully assigned Jamie to handle our finances, for some reason he has put me in charge of paying our tithing every month. I have no problem with filling out the form and writing the check but tracking down the Bishopric is always a pain. My current “calling” (job) is teaching the 8-11 -year-old girls so I rarely see anyone other than my delightful tweens whose endless barrage of chatter makes me look mute.

I never thought it possible, either.

Last month, I once again objected about having to perform tithing search and rescue when Jamie is the one who attends the same meetings as the Bishopric.

“Jamie, why don’t you just do it? I’m busy teaching the girls the whole time!”

“Because you need to take some financial responsibility.”

“I do have financial responsibility. I am in charge of spending the money.”

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