The Mystery of The Great Pumpkin FINALLY Revealed!

First things first. Congratulations to Tanya of Mike and Tanya’s Corner of the World! Not only did she just have baby #2 but she also won The Great Pumpkin Contest and was just 10 pounds off from guessing the weight!

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s start with our kooky open house for the inanimate object a.k.a. pumpkin on Friday.

Guess what? It turns out our friends were kooky enough to attend, bring pumpkin gifts and pose for pictures with The Great Pumpkin.

And the highlight of the event? The great ribbon cutting vine snipping, followed by hauling it to the trailer. And just how did they do it? Eight men + one pumpkin lifting tarp + a whole lot of muscle. And even more sore backs. (Tune in tomorrow for the glorious commentary + pictures).

Colorado’s largest pumpkins congregated at the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers weigh-off on Saturday. And if you had ever asked me as a little girl if I would marry a man who would become conjoined with such an organization, I would have laughed until I was blue in the face.

Or orange.

And the results all [five] of you have been waiting for? The Great Pumpkin’s weight is 755 pounds and it won second place for the prettiest pumpkin. The state record was broken by Joe Scherber at a whopping 1,135 pounds!

Which technically means that The Great Pumpkin is not quite as great as Farmer Joe’s. Or more accurately, Dentist Joe’s.

Though it just doesn’t have the same ring.

Last week on Mile High Mamas, I ran a Get-My-husband-Off-My-Back-and-Guess-His-Pumpkin’s-Weight Contest. Congratulations to Pat. Her guess was the closest and she won four tickets to Elitch’s Fright Fest!

My daughter took third place in the children’s division and Jamie plans to help our son grow one as well next year.

And then it will all be over for me because I will officially be outnumbered.

pumpkinsnuggleLest you think I am a killjoy, know that our entire summer has revolved around The Great Pumpkin. A few weeks ago, we had family in town and we were talking about [what else?] pumpkins when there was a lull in the conversation. I finally broke it.

“Has anyone wondered what we are going to talk about when pumpkin season is over?”

Jamie: “We will reminisce about The Great Pumpkin.”

For additional pictures and fun commentary on the competition and open house, go to my blog, Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck tomorrow. Or if you’re just tuning into this saga, checkout Sordid Secrets and the Husbands Who Keep Them.

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