The No. 2 Coolest Thing I Have Ever Done!

Cars Land was phenomenal and Radiator Springs Racers is my favorite ride at Disneyland. Truly. (Go here if you missed my original post).

But do you know what else was so astounding that it made my Top 2 List of Coolest Things I Have Ever Done?

OK, so I just made up the list but the following experience I had at Disneyland ranks right behind my amazing opportunity to be Microsoft’s accredited blogger at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Following our preview of Cars Land, the media was set loose with their families in California Adventure Park for the entire day. What’s so cool about that? The park was closed to the public in preparation for its grand re-opening the next morning. That’s right, people. About 1,000 media and their families had California Adventure Park to themselves. Don’t believe me?

It was like a dream come true to visit Disneyland without the crowds and worth every penny we spent to get there. Oh, and did I mention the weather was a moderate 70-degrees?

I could not have picked a more perfect day.

Our craziest moment was during one of our first rides on Grizzly River Run. Last spring, I waited 1.5 hours for the thrill of doing this white-water rafting adventure.

At the end of getting tossed around by Grizzly River’s rapids, we prepared to get out when the ride operator glanced over at the line (or lack thereof; we were the only ones there) and asked the golden question: “Do you want to do it again?”

And for the first time in my history of Disneyland, we went around yet again without even unbuckling.

The novelty didn’t even wear off when we emerged soaking wet.

That night, our big Disneyland sendoff was a private showing of Worlds of Color–a water spectacular that wove water, color, fire and light into a kaleidoscope of fantasy.


Of course my pictures don’t do it justice so check-out Disneyland’s official ones:

Do you know what was mind-blowing? We were each given our own light-up Mickey ears and once the show started, we realized they were perfectly synced to whatever colors were on display.

At least it was the coolest thing ever once I decided Disneyland wasn’t trying to control our minds and take over the world.

There was only one drawback to the entire experience. When you’re a Disneyland newbie like Jamie, the bar has been set waaaaaaay too high.

Cars Land’s Luigi’s Flying Tires

But we’re happy to just do the limbo the next time we visit Disneyland.

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