The one and only time you’ll see a Bud Light commercial on this good lil’ Mormon blog

I promised I would include the answer to one of the most important multiple choice quizzes you will ever take. For those who missed it, our TomTom navigational device went missing. It was found several months later:

1) Right where I left it in the middle console, hidden underneath the Cheese Nips.
2) In a drawer in the house that I have been meaning to clean out for a year.
3) In a pumpkin. Because all roads lead back to The Great Pumpkin.
4) Stashed away in the ceiling of a nearby seedy hotel.

And the answer, my dear friends, is #4. All the sordid details to come.


Thank you for your sympathy regarding Jamie’s obsession with growing The Great Pumpkin 2009. Stephanie’s comment made me chortle:

“At least his passion involves little time and doesn’t take up much room. . . Oh, nevermind.”

Nevermind, indeed. And if you have ever wanted to hear a grown man GUFFAW, crank up your speakers and check this out. Whoever thought Bud Light would acknowledge the pumpkin geeks growers of the world?

After listening to this, I somehow feel like I’ve had one too many.

Pumpkins, that is.

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