The Sound of Mus….THE BRONCOS?

The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie and I simply must watch it whenever it comes on television. Last night was no exception. And even though I’ve watched it a hundred times and used to make poor Stacey Benson listen to my Sound of Music record while I belted out my off-key rendition of “My Favorite Things,” the story and the music never grow old for me. And YES, I did do The Sound of Music tour whilst in Salzburg a few years back.

And so as I sat there in my pregnant, hormonal state with my Kleenex box in hand throughout the entire movie (you know you’ve got it bad when you’re weeping during the children’s “So Long, Farewell”) I pondered how offended I would have been if, during my wedding, they had sung “How do you solve a problem like Am-ber.”

But my absolute favorite scene is after Maria comes back and Captain Von Trapp goes to her and professes his love as they sing “I Must Have Done Something Good.” That beautiful setting is water-work city for me, pregnant or not. And so with great anticipation, I waited, with my Sweetie by my side. Touched that he chose me over some stupid football game. Ready and eager to sing along with my song of redeeming love to him.

Until he stood up. Right as it began. Shocked, I looked at him and blurted out, “Where are you going?”

“I’ll come back when they start killing the Nazis.”

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