The Town Party

In today’s edition of living in an episode of Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow, my friend Sarah texted me at 6:30 p.m. asking if I was going to the annual Midway Town Party. Huh? I’d heard nothing about it but rallied the troops (namely: Bode who’s the only one with any semblance of the Christmas spirit). This move would later be met with great controversy by the Johnson Family Grinches despite the fact that the darling musical performances would have sent Jamie (who despises concerts) and Hadley (who is annoyed by everything, particularly Christmas music) over the edge.

But their (Jamie’s) tune changed when we came home with candy and the news (for Hadley) that her friend was hanging out with cute boys from middle school. We all have our motivations.

I really wasn’t even sure what the Town Party was all about. A couple of weeks prior, we had attended the Town Christmas Tree lighting so I assumed it was outside. I was wearing snazzy summer capris and, in my laziness, just threw on a pair of clompy boots to “complete” my ensemble, only to find out the event was in the Midway City Hall. In the light. Where people could see me.

We arrived late but still caught a few performances on stage including the darling Swiss Miss girls, two of whom are in our ward. I tried to convince Bode and his buddies to compliment them on doing a nice job, which apparently was akin to sending them into the lion’s den. Sorry, ladies. It’s tough to raise gentlemen these days.

The short program ended with everyone singing a couple of Christmas carols and then the Man In Red showed up to distribute over-stuffed bags of candy.

It’s pretty sad to me that our season of believing is over but Bode still went up with his buddies.

Bode later refused to tell me what he and Santa talked about so maybe just maybe he and the Man in Red have a few tricks up their sleeves yet.

Here’s to our first memorable Small Town Christmas!


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