The Ultimate Blog Party

I’m jumping on the party bandwagon: The Ultimate Blog Party bandwagon, that is. So, I may be a day late and a [millions of] dollar[s] short but I’m all about making an entrance. And any party that I am not in charge of and am thereby exempt of public humiliation? I am there.

By way of introduction, I am in the prime of my life. If I were a slab of meat, that is. And since I’m not, I’m an over-tired mama of two energetic kids, Hurricane Hadley and baby Bode. I am an outdoor aficionado and have strapped them onboard since they were six weeks old. Into a backpack, that is. I would hate for you to think I’m talking about that luggage rack we mounted on top of the car.

I am married to the absolute love of my life who keeps me chortling every day. I call Jamie The King of the One-Liners because he always has a comeback, though I am sometimes incredulous over his audaciousness.

Latest case in point: Jamie is getting a new boss. He proactively obtained her email address (a good thing) and dropped her the following introductory note (bad, bad, bad):

Welcome from Denver! The Interactive team is looking forward to your
arrival. I was just talking with Mike and it sounded like you will be
here on March 12th. I will make sure the team is wearing pants.

I keep reminding him that a no-pants policy belongs only at home, not in the workplace. I’m taking a poll if you believe he’ll still be gainfully employed by the end of the month. Hopefully, he won’t lose his shirt, too….

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