Thinking Blog Award

For a classic Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck post, I am also over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas today.

In a shocking turn of events, PamperingBeki and Melissa have simultaneously awarded me with a Thinking Blog Award. Yes, that would be two people who think I…welp…think.

Hunky Hubby summarized it best when I told him and he observed, “A thinker? Since when?”

And he is allegedly my biggest fan.

And so now it is my turn to tag five other blogs that have made me think (which as we’ve already seen is no small task).

1) Celebrating a Life. Damselfly recently started this little inspirational gem.

2) For What It’s Worth. Has recently traveled a long, hard road and is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

3) Hot Fruita Mom. From rivoting American idol commentary to “Good Mail” to Bollywood and beyond…

4) Sharp Mama. Sarcastic Canuck raising a family in Thailand.

5) The Smiling Infidel/ElasticWaistBandLady. Best commenter ever. If her name doesn’t make you think, I don’t know what will….

P.S. Yep, I closed comments this time so stop emailing me that my post is broken. Sometimes I just like to live dangerously like this. So go and check out all the fun links I included!

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