Today: Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas. Tomorrow: Beethoven

Hadley started taking piano lessons a couple of months ago and had her first recital last night. She did a fabulous job playing Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas and didn’t mess up even once. I wish I could say the same for me. I FAILED in my attempts to video tape her.

Haddie’s teacher Kendra has been exceedingly patient with us, for which we’re grateful.

You know those Tiger Moms who demand their kid practices an hours a day? That ain’t me. After struggling with homework and juggling swim team, Hadley is depleted at the end of the day so I only have her practice on the weekends. I figure slow and steady is better than hounding her so much that she hates it.

This kid, on the other hand? He loves music, is always singing and is begging me to teach him so our lessons start this weekend.

But don’t be deceived. This recital wasn’t about music appreciation–little dude was in it for the hot chocolate, buddies and cookies.

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