“Upscale” Selfies at The Broadmoor?

I’ve long written about my family’s love affair with The Broadmoor, a glorious AAA Five-Diamond resort in Colorado Springs. I feel honored to be among several esteemed writers who contribute to their glossy, upscale magazine. Their latest edition was published and their PR director sent a few copies I have yet to see because the kids and I are still on our month-long road trip.

Horseback riding Hadley and family canoeing

Jamie took a couple of pictures for me and my jaw dropped when I saw what they published in the table of contents and also on the lead page of my story. He joked, “all the following stories are your typical stock-type photos of beautiful children wearing beautiful clothes in The Broadmoor’s beautiful setting.”

I was asked to write about the Ranch at Emerald Valley, their new wilderness enclave that redefines luxury in a gorgeous mountain setting. The kids had a professional photographer shadowing them most of the day (read: child models) but since they wanted me to write the article through my children’s eyes, we set them loose with a camera and my iPhone to take their own pictures.

And then, I present unto you this:

Nothing like keeping it classy with Bode selfies.

Table of contents

Funny back story: we surprised the kids with this trip by waking them up and telling them we were going that morning. The night before was full of meltdowns. One of Bode’s teeth was falling out and it was sticking straight out like Billy Bob. Knowing he’d be photographed the next day, we were insistent that tooth needed to come out, which for him, was equal unto being sent to the guillotine and it took us 1.5 hours of freakouts/crying/wailing before he let us pull the tooth.

Next time, I’m just tying the tooth to Fat Kitty, yelling “FOOD” and letting it rip.

How’s that for a future Broadmoor feature story?

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