Valentine’s Day, Denver-style

This is a big week chez nous with Valentine’s Day, our anniversary and my birthday all crammed into one lil’ ol’ week.

Just call February, Ambruary.

Our day started with heart-shaped pancakes.

And a girl donning her Valentine’s Day outfit from Grandma B.
She’s reenacting a heart, just in case you’re not up on your shapes.

In a move that can only be described as ambitious, I made Valentine’s cookies for all the neighborhood children and we topped off our day with a fancy fondue and Valentine cake dinner, along with handmade love notes and chocolates.

Well, at least I thought it was ambitious until my sister-in-law Jane said her menu consisted of Sambuca shrimp, potato skins, shrimp cocktail, chicken parmigiana, grilled veggies, lobster tails, coconut creme pie and creme brulee.

Note: I only complain about her overachieving gourmand tendencies when I am unable to enjoy her spoils.

But really, the highlight was an anonymous Valentine that Haddie received from one of her classmates. It read:

Be my VP. Jast kidig. And dont get sick on me agen.

Sounds like true love to me.

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