We interrupt these Great Canadian Road Trip Updates….

to announce we are home!!

Travel tales will continue next week but for now, we’re submerged in work catch-up, mile-high laundry, back-t0-school shopping and chilling out. A few days after coming home, Aunt Lisa invited Hadley to go camping for four days at Lake McConaughy, NE.

Confession: I just had to Google the name of the lake because I keep calling it Lake McNaughty.

This is the second time Hadley has left home without us this summer, the first being her solo flight to visit Grandma in Utah. Most sibling would be jealous but Bode is a homebody and quite content to hang out here. In fact, he is in his element without someone constantly bossing him around.

When Hadley was in Utah last month, Jamie, Bode and I were driving home from church and the ride was uncharacteristically quiet. Jamie broke the silence.

“So, Bode. Do you miss your sister?”

No response. Jamie tried again.

“It’s OK, Bode. You can be honest.”

Finally, his reluctant confession: “Not really, Daddy.”

Here’s to a few more peaceful days of being an only child.

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