When Your Husband Turns Into A Parent His Parents

I have a grand announcement, one I never thought would transpire:


Dora and that perky monkey are out and The Upside Down Show is in! And I can’t say I’m sad about this. The program is brilliantly funny, starring two comedians whose antics encourage imagination and play. Just last week, I journeyed to The Very Hairy Room, the No-Room Room, the South Pole and the This Way Room.

Evidently, I need some grown-up shows.

And the fact that I just called them “grown-up shows” reflects the desperation that much more. Speaking of which, is anyone else ecstatic about premiere week? What will you be watching?

At Casa Canuck, we have been living and breathing Upside Down’s Shane and David the past couple of weeks. Even Bubby lights up whenever they are on. It is only Jamie who does not understand the revered nature of the show. He recently had the audacity to turn on the channel guide while we were watching, minimizing the screen to about a quarter of the size. There were protests. And then waterworks.

The kids did not take it well, either.

Jamie fought back. “When I was little, we went two summers without a TV. Two summers!”

No reaction.

“And this, this, this quarter-sized screen,” he fumbled. “When I was little, my TV was only that big.”

Blank stares.

“AND WE WERE HAPPY TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Evidently that last statement was just for emphasis.

And guess what? In the end, Haddie won. Jamie lost. Shane and David rule supreme.

Now all that remains is figuring out what to do with our house that is Shrine to Everything Dora?….

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