Why “Big Love” Made a “Big Mistake”

I was not going to address all the controversy surrounding HBO’s decision to misrepresent the LDS temple ceremony in their polygamy drama “Big Love” but I received a deluge of emails from readers asking about my opinion. A number of you who read this blog are Mormon. An even bigger number of you are not and my goal has always been to walk that line very respectfully and carefully.

My opinion is in line with the LDS church’s official statement at The Publicity Dilemma. Am I surprised Hollywood decided to exploit something sacred? No. As far as values go, most of us are in agreement that Hollywood is about as debase as it gets and yet we have somehow formed our society to worship these fallen idols.

A number of years ago, a friend was marveling at my dedication to the LDS church. I have not always known it was true and went through a time of great soul-searching. But once I received my own witness, I have never looked back.

This friend asked when all was said and done and I was at the “Pearly Gates” and I found out I was wrong about everything, would I regret the path I chose?

This gave me pause to think. Is being a member of the LDS church easy? No. We attend church every week and everyone is given various “callings” that range from working with the children, to the youth and adults. We are often called upon to help others in need any time of the day. We are encouraged to serve in our communities and have endured our fair share of persecution. We refrain from alcohol, drugs and tobacco and remain faithful to our spouses.

Sound impossible to some of you? My reward is simple: joy in living a pure life. I know where I came from, who I am and where I am going. I have never been a slave to an addiction and have a spouse I know will always remain faithful to me because of the covenants we made in the temple that bind us eternally. I believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophets, and temples. I do not believe the heavens are sealed and through the proper priesthood authority, God continues to reveal His will and Jesus Christ is the only way to return to Him.

Will I ever regret the path I have chosen, though it has not been easy? Never.

Anyone who has any religious background knows the significance of temples and has heard of Hindu, Greco-Roman, Solomon’s and Herod’s temples. When studying in Egypt at the Temple of Luxor, I was amazed to see hieroglyphics of sacred temple ceremonies openly displayed on the temple walls.

When teaching a former Master Mason on my mission in Switzerland, he revealed sacred tokens and signs that the Freemasons have passed down through the ages in their Masonic Temples.

When I lived in Jerusalem and visited the Dome of the Rock, I respected the strict code of conduct. I stood in reverence as Muslims knelt to pray five times a day during The Call to Prayer.

I regularly went to the Western Wall, a holy place the Jews venerate as the sole remnant of the Holy Temple.

I tearfully watched as they placed slips of paper containing written prayers into the crevices of the Wall.

There is beauty in belief.

For Mormons and millions of people of many different faiths, it is not about keeping “secrets.”

It is about keeping sacred things sacred.

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