Why botox may be in my future

I really didn’t have a problem turning 40 last year until some recent events.

Me helping Hadley with her math homework.

“I think that’s right but I was wrong once…back in 2002.”

Her: “2002. Were you even ALIVE then?”

For the record, that is the year I met Jamie.


I went hiking in Boulder last month and stopped at the Dollar Tree for some stocking stuffers. Next door was Savers and I have to admit I had no idea what it was.  I popped in to peek and discovered it was a thrift store but not just any thrift store but an outdoor emporium that hosted Boulderites’ glorious outdoor castoffs including brands like Columbia and North Face.

To say I had a grand ol’ time is an understatement.

Well, at least until I arrived at the check-out. The 20-something dude glanced at me and queried,

“Do you qualify for the senior discount?”

Picking myself off the floor. “DO I LOOK LIKE I QUALIFY FOR THE SENIOR DISCOUNT?”

Him: “I dunno. It never hurts to ask.”

Guess what, Dude. It does.

We opened a bank account for the kids and as I was rifling through my drawers looking for their social security numbers, I found an assortment of my old ID cards. I’ve looked pretty much the same since adolescence, with the exception of junior high when I chopped my hair (I’ll save THAT story for another day). I had a good chuckle over my ninth grade ID card and thought Hadley would, too.

“Hey, take a look at this. That’s me when I was in junior high!”
“Really? You look like you were back in the olden days.”

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