Why everybody needs a Bode in their life

I adore this boy (picture was taken at the summit of a recent hike). Not only is he the sweetest most cuddly kid but he is also my ally, as was evidenced during a recent conversation.

“Amber, please do not ask me if I have the car keys.”

“But you frequently forget them, Jamie.”

“If I forget, I will simply go back in the house and retrieve them. I don’t need you nagging me about it.”

“Fair enough.”

[A few minutes later as we walked out to the car, out of habit I started to ask him if he had the keys. I fortunately stopped myself before I uttered a word and slipped into the car. Bode, on the other hand, had his own ideas.]


“Yes, Bode?”

“Got keys?”


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So, if you’re a blogger be sure to link your blog to mine and then just click on my nifty widget. Your latest posts will show up in my stream!

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