Why I Am ABC Network’s “Angel of Death”

I get attached to a few primetime television shows, particularly during the dark winter months. I was in mourning when LOST ended its epic run and I have berated the networks for cutting shows mid-season without any regard (or explanation) for their devoted audience.

I get that it’s all about ratings and money. For this reason when a new show debuts, I’m a careful devotee so as to protect my heart from cancellation. Some shows I am currently invested in are The Good Wife, Parenthood, Modern Family and Brothers and Sisters.

So I was a little bit more than displeased to read this article detailing ABC’s early renewals for next year. Castle and Cougar Town were the two shows that lead the pack while my beloved Brothers and Sisters is potentially on the chopping block.

I don’t know if you watch Cougar Town–or would admit to doing so–but it is the least funny comedy on television (which, if you’re supposed to be making people laugh, is a bit of a problem). Without giving it much thought, I turned to Twitter to voice my frustration:

Scratching my head how ABC would renew a crap show like #CougarTown yet Brothers & Sisters is on the chopping block?

I’m not proud of using a word like “crap” in a public forum but in my defense, my tweet was limited to 140 characters and I could not fit in “obnoxious” or “laborious.”

A few minutes later, I received a reply from a man named Kevin Biegel:

you are the devil who haunts my dreams

Now, normally I discount anyone who does not use proper capitalization or punctuation and receiving a rebuttal like this would offend some people. But I got a kick out of it and felt intrigued. Could it be? Someone finally gets me?

I Googled Kevin and (brace yourselves for this): He is the producer of Cougar Town. And he found it in his heart to call me–’lil ol’ me–a She-Devil.

Any normal person would have let it drop but I could not pass up a captive Twitter audience with Hollywood elite. Who knows–he might even cast me in his next sub-par comedy about an Arvada mom who vents her network frustrations to thousands of faceless people on Twitter.

My response to Kevin?

I’ve heard the show’s producer is very talented. P.S. I prefer to be called “Angel of Death.” :)

I expect ABC to come knocking on my door any minute now.


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