Why Jamie should never be in charge of our children’s medical needs

A: Jamie, I think Hadley is really sick.
J: Naaah, she’s just got a little “thing.”
A: A little “thing?” She is completely hoarse and can barely talk!
J: She couldn’t ever talk.
A: OK, babble. Whatever. My point is we need to go get her something.
J: You’re overreacting. She just lost her voice, that’s all.
A: When was the last time you lost your voice, without anything else being wrong with you?
J: Uhhhh. Puberty.
A: You are so sweet and wonderful and you are always right. I’m sorry I doubted you.
J: And don’t forget it. What’s for dinner?
A: Anything you want because I am here to serve
J: Make it quick and make it good
A: I will have it for you right away. Would you like any ice cream while you are waiting?

Husband’s note: The second half of this conversation was edited by Amber’s good husband who found this unedited entry on the screen before it was posted. Better be more careful next time Honey!

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