Why you should stay on this Mommy Blogger’s good side

I recently introduced The Hurricane to scissors. I have delayed this tutorial as long as possible because hurricanes, welp, they destroy.

My only motivation for finally showing her is knowing she would have to use them in preschool. And heaven forbid if my kid flunked Scissor Cutting 101 and was held back from kindergarten an extra 365 days.

I rummaged through the newspaper and retrieved some ads from J.C. Penny to use as our testing ground. We started slowly with suitcases and necklaces until Hadley accidentally cut off a model’s legs. She lamented “hurting” the nice lady but I brightly consoled her that she could not feel it because she does painful things such as starving herself for fun.

And so we chopped up malnourished models for the rest of our lesson.

It actually proved to be great failed diet therapy.

Next lesson? Sewing.

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