A hiccup in the recovery process

Jamie and I went to see a movie last weekend. Just to emphasize how significant this is: I can count on one hand how many times we have gone to the theatre since having children.

We saw the independent film Juno, which we loved. Though a bit off-colored at times, it was quirky, fresh and off-beat. We chortled, we wept. And yes, a few tears didst well in Mr. He-Who-Never-Cries’ eyes. It was just that kind of show. For once, I agree with the critics that this is possibly the best film of the year.

Plus, I have a secret crush on Paulie’s chicken legs and sassy sweatband. YUMMMM!


I have a lot of distractions going on so will likely not be posting here this week. My dad has been in the hospital for his second bout of cancer in six months. We are not sure of the prognosis yet but his stay has been extended due to a little complication called the hiccups.

Yep, you heard correctly. The doc suspects they were caused by an accidental nick in the stomach during surgery and the poor man is going on ten days with them. This also means ten days without sleep – talk about adding salt to a very open wound. It just goes to show that evidently bad luck is genetic.
Haddie has been faithfully praying day and night for my dad’s recovery. At church a couple of weeks ago, they asked a sweet old man to give the prayer. He gave this beautiful, long prayer and for once, Hadley listened intently instead of pegging the family in front of us with hymn books. When he finally finished, she shouted out accusingly, “YOU FORGOT TO BLESS GRANDPA B.!!!!”
It is good to know we now have the whole congregation behind our cause. So, extra thoughts and prayers for Papa Canuck this week.
Though I will likely be MIA here, I will be over at Mile High Mamas on Monday and Tuesday, finally posting the write-up on our recent trip complete with vomit, diarrhea and insomnia. So if you are one of those rude, insensitive people who never comments over there, repent now and come feel the pain…errrr…love.

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