A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of Crap

A note from The Lord of the Gourds regarding the outpouring of support for his now-dead pumpkin’s obituary:


Jamie had miraculously seen some signs of life even after the martyrdom but his dear pumpkins finally gave up the ghost yesterday and he cut them off the vine. (Click on the picture to see the extent of the hail-induced welts.)

If this was his pumpkin at only two weeks old, it’s a shame to imagine how big it would have grown a few months from now.

On a positive note, I am a pumpkin widow no more.

On a negative note, I now have a forlorned fella.

I just wish it could have ended differently along the lines of the Holy Ghost descending upon it and transfiguring it up to heaven.

No one wants to end this mortal existence by having the crap beaten out of you.

In other news, we have shifted from non-stop travel to being homebodies the next two weeks. The kids are enrolled in outdoor swim lessons.

During the only week it has been moderately chilly here in Denver this summer.

Hadley is doing great but I cannot stop laughing at Bode. He is a year younger and a foot shorter than everyone in his class. The first day, he followed along but had a “What the Crap” look on his face the entire time. Yesterday, he was “Chicken, Airplaning and Soldiering” with the best of them.

He is the albino on the right.

And I am the proud albino cheering him on from the sidelines.

Stay tuned next week for my updates on BlogHer and the Sara Lee Summit I attended in Chicago. Be sure to tell me how you’re spending the final weeks of summer!

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