A Picasso in the Making

This birthday week is all about Hadley (but if we want to be truly honest about it, our family’s lives pretty much revolve around our little spitfire most of the time.) Between field day today, birthday tomorrow, her birthday party on Thursday and a class field trip to the zoo on Friday, I told her it’s all downhill from here.

Gotta prep her for the fact that in a few years, her birthday will fall during final exams.

I’ve mentioned what a great artist she is. If I had one iota of time and motivation, I’d scan in some artistic renderings she’s done this year–truly impressive. When we were at our city’s library last winter we stumbled upon a painting she did of an abstract owl.

She was thrilled to be on display.

But on Sunday, she obtained a new level at stake conference (a two-hour, semi-annual meeting with all the church members in our area.) Normally I look forward to it but with Jamie out of town in Florida, I dreaded entertaining both kids by myself.

Fortunately, the kids were perfectly well-behaved and drew pictures the entire time. At the very end, I caught a glimpse of Hadley’s latest creation: A beautiful, intrinsically detailed temple in the background…with a big, fat cat taking up most of the foreground.

Because Fat Kitties are nothing if not celestial beings.

Unbeknownst to me, the couple behind us had been watching her progress. When the meeting was over, they begged me to scan in the funny picture so they could hang it on their fridge.

“I’ll do better than that,” I said as I ripped it out of the notebook and handed it to them.

We are not lacking in fat cat pictures at our house. (UNDERSTATEMENT.)

Shocked, Hadley watched the exchange but truly did not come to life until they turned and asked her, “Can you autograph this picture for us?”

I predict a life of incorrigibility after this one.

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