Basement bartering (with a 2 year old’s reasoning)

Thanks to the thoughtful severance package Jamie received when his former employers kicked his booty out the door, we finally have enough money to finish our basement. Or at least we thought we did until a little thing called a new car put a minor dent in it.

And if it was possible for Jamie to think about something more than pumpkins, this may be it.

We only have a half-basement so are trying to make good use of the space. This space will be a Man’s Mecca and include a home entertainment center with a projector HDTV and we will finally have a home for Jamie’s old-fashioned soda fountain that has been sitting in our garage for TWO STINKIN’ YEARS.

We hired a big, hunky contractor from the local LDS Single’s Ward, which made Jamie a bit nervous.

“I don’t know how I feel about you being home alone all day with such a good looking guy.”

What I wanted to say:

“Oh, you mean that Greek God whose chest is as broad as Bode is tall?”

What I did say:

“Don’t be ridiculous, Honey. He is a mere child.”

The Greek God mere child will be dry walling this week so we have been in the throes of paint and carpet swatches, along with furniture shopping. Overall, Jamie has great taste so I am pretty much letting him do what he wants. I figure it will be nice for him to finally find a home for all those framed baseball cards and Norman Rockwell posters I banned from the rest of the house.

Generous of me, non?

During a recent phone conversation, he mentioned he had bought a popcorn painting for the home theatre room.

“Is that OK, Amber?”

“Whatever you want, Jamie.”

“No, I want you to be a part of it all!”

“Is that why you just bought the picture without consulting me?”

“BUT I WANTED IT!!!!!….”

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