Bon Voyage!

So, we’re heading out tomorrow. Jamie’s sister Tammy is flying in from Utah on Tuesday to prevent Jamie’s mom from having a nervous breakdown. After all, she had four children who slept; I fear her body may go into insomnialeptic shock by week’s end.

I have great hopes/expectations for Tammy’s visit. Mainly, I hope she gives my kids a dose of class that they obviously don’t get at home during our belching contests. Also, she’s a great photographer and I asked her to attempt to take a few shots of the kids (because there’s nothing like giving her a nervous breakdown during her “vacation.”) But mostly I hope she shares her gift-wrapping expertise with Hadley because I could use some help in that area.

For our final full day of non-packing/cleaning/stressed-out chaos, I indulged the kids and set them loose at The Children’s Museum. Oh, and in case you can’t read “Riding-with-the-Engineer” Hadley’s favorite shirt, it says “My Mommy is the Prettiest.” OK, so maybe it’s my favorite….

It was balmy 50 degrees (a veritable heatwave) and so we then went for a run in The Limo of all Double Strollers. With its interchangeable bike/ski/jogger/stroller functions, I adore this stroller. However, it does not adore me back and I struggle to disassemble the front tire every blasted time. This is a source of conflict between Jamie and I because it is also requisite that I call to complain about it every time. And he then not-so kindly informs me he can do it in two minutes juxtaposed again my two hours.

It was Bode’s first time riding in it since he’s now sitting up and he loved it. Well, he fell asleep moments into the run so anything that conks him out gets my two thumbs up!

That night, Jamie scored us the suite at The Pepsi Center to see Denver’s professional lacrosse team, the Mammoth. I love going to the games. They are a cross between hockey and WWF with entertainment (what could be better than making fun of random spectators on The Bad Hair Day Jumbotron?), raucously delightful crowds and mind-numbing music. The makings for a perfect evening, of course.

There was also father-daughter bonding as Jamie taught Hadley her first lesson on sportsmanship: “See the white team? They’re good. The black team is bad. Booooo for the black team.” I couldn’t have been more proud.

Poor little Bode was pretty freaked out by it all. Maybe it was the flames or the motorcycles or the DJ from the local hard-rock station (but definitely not those slutty dancers “wit da big bosoms”). Regardless, his facial expression stayed frozen all night. Hopefully it will conform back to normal by tomorrow:

Anyhew, I probably won’t be posting much on the cruise due to the fact you need to mortgage your house in order to afford one minute online. Oh, and because I’ll be having fun. So much fun that I will forget that Monday, January 29th is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. For saps who are not on cruises, that is. :-)

Seriously, though I’m in mourning over an aspect of our trip. We were supposed to go with two other couples but one of them dropped out at the last minute. Jamie is saddened because he will miss the company of his best friend. I am devastated because that best friend was the only other person in the group besides myself with two left feet.

The only people who remain are Karla (a dance teacher), Ivan (her former-dance-partner-turned-attorney husband) and Jamie (who was black in a former existence). I can count on one finger how many dances I’ve been to in my life. Though I will not divulge upon which finger I am doing the numerating.

And so in addition to avoiding the dance floor, there will be plenty of the ‘S’ word. Sleep, that is. Lots and lots of sleep….

Bon Voyage!

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