Colorado Spring Breakin’!

I assure you that I am indeed alive! It is Spring Break for the Canuck clan, which really doesn’t mean much because Hadley only goes to preschool two days a week. We had planned a trip to Utah but stayed home because of Jamie’s consulting gig. And because it just didn’t feel right.

What? A trip that didn’t feel right for a traveling junkie? Maybe feeling those nine hours in the car with the children had something everything to do with it.

The temperatures have been beautiful in Colorado and we have been hiking almost daily. Bode even did his first trek sans backpack and darned if he wasn’t the cutest little mountain man.

Hadley has really come into her own on the trail and on Saturday, we did a 1.5-mile loop through Red Rocks. And Jamie and I could not have been more thrilled.

Which begs the question: how do you feel about your children sharing your interests? Do you push them to do it?

For the most part, I really don’t care if my children excel at volleyball, roller-blading or nose blowing (particularly since I have already made millionaires out of Kleenex Co.) But I am fully invested in instilling a love for the outdoors because it transcends a mere interest into a lifestyle. And I am so glad they are both openly embracing it.

In many ways, Hadley is the mirror image of me and our similarities were no more prevalent than last summer when the kids and I had a picnic with my MIL Linda and Jamie’s sister Tammy. After we polished off our food, Hadley downed a cream-cheese brownie and asked Linda for more.

Linda: May I give her another one?

Me: Sure but make it a small one.

She cut it in half and proceeded to give it to The Hurricane.

Me: Hadley, Grandma just gave you that nice brownie. What do you say?


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