Cub Scouts R Us

I can’t stand fundraisers. Of course, when most people get that “butter braid” handout, they don’t exactly leap for joy but Bode is sucked into the hype every single time. “But Mom, if I sell X amount of dollars, I’ll get my very own Frisbee!”

I’ll tell you what, Son. How about I just go buy you that Frisbee and then we don’t have to sell anything?

Usually, I’ll just write a check as donation but when money is tight, you don’t have that luxury. Bode has Cub Scout Twilight Camp this summer and we had the opportunity to defray the cost by selling camp cards with some awesome coupons for just $5 at our local grocery store. I reluctantly volunteered to take him and was delighted to discover my friend Dawn had signed her twin boys up as well.

We gave them the overview of what to say, how to present the camp cards and how to politely respond when people declined. Then, I hid in the shadows (like any bad fundraising mom would do) and reappeared when they closed the deal or needed additional help.

At first the boys were hesitant and sales were slow but something happened as they became my comfortable: Bode was one heck of a salesman! Bold. Confident. Kind. Cute. Irresistible. OK, that last adjective was my own but as the mother, he was pretty darn impressive.

Of course, most people walked by and kindly declined but that kid closed 30% of his sales and was completely fearless by the end.

When asked if they had fun, the boys enthusiastically responded “yes!” and didn’t even mind when people turned them down because they were all very nice about it.

“Look at it this way,” Dawn joked. “At least this rejection is preparing them for when they’re teenagers and start dating.”

Watch out, ladies.


I’d buy it from him

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