Desperately Seeking Sanity, Sleep and Food (not necessarily in that order)

I am still alive. I know my posting and commenting have been patchy at best and I really appreciate y’all still coming around to visit and confirm that I am still crazy. Now I’m just crazy busy!

Last Saturday about did me in. I had just ended my Fruit Flush Diet from Hell and was a hypoglycemic insomniac. Around 1 a.m. I also developed a cough so took some of The Good Medicine, which usually conks me out. There is vicodin in this cough syrup and as luck would have it, my body had the adverse reaction. I was bouncing off the walls the rest of the night and did not get even one lick of sleep. Note to self: hypoglycemia + vicodin = speed.

The bad news is the next day was jam-packed. It started with the final volleyball tournament for my girls. I reasoned that if we lost the first round, I could go home and sleep. But wouldn’t you know it: we won. And kept winning. And won the entire frickin’ stake tournament. With no sleep whatsoever. And yes, I am still bitter because I am a model coach like that.

That pretty much summarized my week. This is why I am ecstatic Jamie is whisking me away for a romantic getaway weekend. It was supposed to be a surprise and he swore his family to secrecy.

Screw-up #1: His mom slipped and told me she was coming to watch the kids.

Screw-up #2: A few days later, Jamie unthinkingly informed me of his workout regimen in preparation for “the cabin.”

Screw-up #3: The final blow was when Jamie’s mom pondered if there would be snow when we went to Breckenridge.

So, Jamie rented us a cabin. In Breckenridge. Without kids.

Just call me Amber P.I.

P.S. The 4,000-square-foot cabin. Hate me yet? :-)

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