Fly-by parenting

When the kids were little, I spent a lot of time at Denver’s 165-acre Washington Park. Though it was a haul from my house, it become a mom meeting place and we’d do stroller walks and have picnics at the playground.

It is also one of the few places in the Denver-area I’ve found acceptable for roller-blading and those kiddos of mine loved sitting in their Chariot stroller while I blazed around the trail’s two lakes. Though they don’t remember it, Washington Park was the place of their childhood.

Last week, I had a meeting in the area so brought my roller-blades with me to skate afterward. I pictured it as my return to glory. But every time I passed my favorite haunts or the mommy brigade of strollers, I missed my little buddies, despite the extra 60 pounds I had to push.

I recently sold the kids’ beloved bouncy castle on Craigslist because they’re too big for it.  It was a behemoth bouncer and since it was so heavy, we only brought it out for parties. But my, how they loved spending hours upon hours catapulting in that thing! I’ve sold off plenty of their baby items without one hint of nostalgia but for some reason, this one hit me hard.

Does anyone feel like this whole parenting gig is flying by waaaay too fast?

On the plus side, I took the money from the sale, put it in an envelope, wrote “just in case you want to use this to buy a certain someone some bricks,” and gave it Jamie.

I’m vying for him to build me a firepit for Mother’s Day because that’s something I’ll never outgrow.

I am nothing if not subtle.

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