Haddie’s true thoughts revealed

Since Haddie was born, our family tradition has been to snuggle before bedtime and review our day’s activities. Of course since she just recently began talking, our conversations were previously rather one-sided (which I didn’t actually mind because I would always answer myself with things I wanted to hear.) If all conversations could be so agreeable, non?

Now that she has started talking, I get a real kick out of her responses to my questions. On Sue’s last night in town, we were all kicking back and I was drilling Hadley about her day. Now, something you should know is that we consumed some food that caused frequent errr…outbursts. The only difference is that Sue’s were more audible and frequent than anyone else’s. And because we’re great hosts, Haddie and I would make a huge production every time Sue would pass gas. Haddie would squeal “Ewwww!” and jump into my arms, as if I had a magic protective shield against all poisonous gases (we are obviously not above embarrassing our poor house-guests, y’know?)

So, we’re reviewing our day and talking about our tasty breakfast and fun time at the playground. When I mentioned Sue, I intended to talk about her amazing sewing abilities or Lucas….until Haddie interjected with her true impressions: “EWWWWWWWW!”

How sweet. Isn’t that how everyone wants to be remembered?

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