Hadley’s Religious Convictions

Haddie is an early aficionado of world religions.

In college, I did a study abroad in the Middle East with Jerusalem, Jordan and Egypt as my home. I subsequently collected many different volumes of various religions. Last week, Hadley became obsessed with my book on Jewish practices. She carried it around with her constantly and kept crying out, “Jew, Jew.” I thought for sure she was converting when asked by Jamie and she confirmed that she was indeed a Jew.

Then on Saturday, she started her little Jew dance and banged on the garage door. Confused, Jamie opened it and she led him to the outdoor fridge. She banged on the refrigerator door and Jamie opened it. She then pointed to her favorite apple juice box and said, “Jew, Jew!” I guess she’s not quite ready to convert. Her belch after downing it confirmed this.

Given the Christmas season, we have been teaching her about the baby Jesus (whom she refers to as “G.”) Every time she sees a picture, she lights up. Her Jewish book was replaced last night by a little picture of Jesus she dragged around with her. Before long, she started treating the picture as though it were human, giving him kisses and hugs. But then she thought Jesus would like to have some fun. She tenderly placed him in her favorite swivel chair and proceeded to spin him around 100 miles per hour.

Thus begs my question of the day: is it sacrilege to make Jesus dizzy?

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