Halloween Party Do’s and Don’ts

You give do not give children full access to the slimy chocolate fountain.

You do bring body parts on ice.

And Fear Factor-esque worms for dessertYou do have lots and lots of fattening food. Coincidentally, the two people bringing salads canceled at the last minute. Who needs it (rabbit food) anyway?

No matter how cute they are, do not invite felines. After all, the term “catty” derives from somewhere.

You do not have tacky plastic decorations on your lawn. The only exception is if it is named “Marcus the Carcass.”

You do have a coloring area but do not use anything labeled “permanent marker” unless you want a permanent reminder of your party.

You do have moving body parts to freak the kids out.

You do not make the mistake of calling a [big mean] Tomcat a [woosy little] Kitty.

You do not attempt a group shot. Ever.



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