How a Canuck sabotages 4th of July

After a full 4th of July with a pancake breakfast, biking, seeing Brave and heading down to the fireworks-less festival, we ended our day by going to our friends’ soiree.

 I had a limited amount of time to pull together a dessert so I hastily made our new favorite: this white Texas sheet cake (oh my!)  The problem was it wasn’t very patriotic so I figured I’d dye it blue, spread white frosting and then top it off with a strawberry. Perfect color scheme, non?

Well, remember how I said I was in a hurry? I quickly mixed the cake batter, put in a couple of drops of blue dye, blended and baked it. It wasn’t until I was cleaning out the bowl a few minutes later that I scrutinized the batter for the first time.

It had started out yellow and then I added blue. But in my haste, I didn’t add enough blue dye. Let’s take a moment to reflect upon the lessons learned from preschool:

Blue +yellow=GREEN.

Yep, that’s right. My patriotic cake was better equipped for St. Patty’s Day. I started to spread white frosting and top it off with strawberries but I stopped myself.

Green + white + red = Christmas.

So, there you have it, folks. This Canuck’s Independence Day offering was a veritable dose of Christmas in July.

Too bad we didn’t have the snow to go with it.

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