Keeping Christ in Christmas (kind of) and other Hunky Hubby hints about how to have a charitable holiday

Amber: I adore this Christmas tree skirt my mom gave me. I love that a nativity scene is under the tree.

Jamie: Yep. And [greedily] we are going to cover it up with all our sins.


We stayed with some friends in Colorado Springs last weekend. As we were shivering in the early-morning temperatures, Jamie asked me:

“Amber, can you go out to the car to get something for me?”

I looked over at him. He was wearing the exact same thing as me.

“We are dressed identically, Jamie. Why don’t you go do it?”

“Because I don’t want my feet to get cold.”


A special thanks to my dear Lizzie for giving me a coveted “Perfect Post” award. Who’d have thunk?

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